Events and Programs

Curriculum Connection and Educational Resources

The Museum integrates museum experience into the humanities curriculum. The primary purpose of the exhibits is to assist the academic community in using the museum's art collection as a resource in their Art Appreciation course and classes in other academic disciplines (e.g. Literature, History, Theology, etc.) through museum visits.

The Museum makes available notes on the ongoing exhibits and/or wall text, and reading materials on modern and visual arts in general to enhance the audience’s museum experience.

Docent Training Program

The Docent Training Program is designed to involve University students in museum activities such as guided tours, lectures, workshops, and museum visits during the school year.

Applicants to this program undergo screening. Once admitted into the program, they undergo extensive training in docenting and interactive tour techniques designed to suit varying audience's age and interest.

Art Enrichment Program

For Students

A series of art lectures and workshops will be scheduled throughout the school year. Prominent artists, art educators, art historians, art critics, and other authorities in the field are usually invited to share their knowledge, insights and views on Philippine Modern Art - the focus of the Museum's collection, and art-related topics.

For Faculty and Staff

The enrichment program for faculty and staff is focused on educating and encouraging enjoyment of the art through the museum collection. Guided tours are scheduled for the purpose. Some of the lecture topics deal with art appreciation, and the basic conservation and preservation techniques (dos and don'ts) for artworks (paintings, prints, drawings, etc.)

Exhibition Every Term

The Museum mounts a new exhibit every start of the term. Certain themes are considered in the conceptualization of the exhibit, focusing solely on the Wili and Doreen Fernandez’s (WDF) Art Collection. Artworks are highlighted in the entire gallery or in a specific gallery or galleries of The Museum.

The Museum was opened to programmed exhibitions, apart from those of the artists in the WDF Art Collection. Invited artists exhibit their works in the museum's changing exhibition galleries.

Art Museum Circle

The Museum's docents automatically become members of the art museum circle. Apart from doing their docenting and volunteer work in The Museum, they may propose activities and implement them upon approval of the Executive Vice President. They may also sponsor outreach and fundraising projects for the museum.

Art Enrichment Program for Public High School Students

The Museum will give opportunity for the public high school students to visit The Museum and learn art while viewing the artworks on exhibit. High schools in Manila will be our initial target for this program.

A guided tour on the ongoing exhibit will be conducted on the last Friday of the month.