Moving Art
September 15 - December 10, 2004

The Museum at DLSU-Manila featured an exhibit entitled Moving Art - this depicts artists' interpretation of movement and viewers' experience of "being moved" while viewing the artwork.

The artworks featured in the exhibit were done in the expressionist tradition, and expressive realism for figurative works. Works showing representation of artist's feelings include Botong Francisco's rendition in water color of festive parades, Orlando Castillo's print's about women dancing, Bencab's depiction of a woman in flight and a bandit metamorphosing into a gentleman, Solomon Saprid's brass sculpture portraying a woman swinging a child in the air, and Fernando Modesto's drawings of tops.

The exhibit featured non-figurative works that are highly gestural as manifested in the use of creative brush strokes. Example of this type of work includes works of Cesar Legaspi, Fernando Zobel, Roberto Chabet, and Lao Lianben. Other featured artists were Jose Joya, Anita Magsaysay-Ho, H.R. Ocampo, and Manuel Rodriguez, Sr.

All the artworks featured are part of the Wili and Doreen Fernandez Art Collection, a compendium of 416 works endowed to the University for art appreciation and education.