Prints: Original Artwork in Multiples
January 10 – May 4, 2007

print oneThe Museum features this third term an exhibition titled Prints: Original Artwork in Multiples. The exhibition will showcase printmaking in various manifestations, from woodcut, rubbercut, aquatint, lithograph, collagraph, serigraph and etching. The artworks are from the art collections of Wili and Doreen Fernandez, DLSU-M Art Gallery, Mr. and Mrs. Ayi Magpayo, and some members of the Philippine Association of Printmakers (PAP).

The objective of the exhibition is to showcase works of Filipino printmakers and to show the varied techniques used by them.

List of Artists

Wili and Doreen Fernandez Art Collection

  1. Ang Kiukok
  2. Virgilio "Pandy" Aviado
  3. Benedicto "Bencab" Cabrera
  4. Santiago Bose
  5. Orlando Castillo
  6. Ibarra dela Rosa
  7. Cesar Legaspi
  8. Arturo Luz
  9. Mauro Malang 
  10. Justin Nuyda
  11. Hernando R. Ocampo
  12. Mario Parial
  13. Rod Paras-Perez
  14. Alfredo Roces
  15. Manuel Rodriguez, Sr.
  16. Rodolfo Samonte
  17. Juvenal Sanso
  18. Fernando Zobel

DLSU Art Gallery Collection

  1. Virgilio "Pandy" Aviado
  2. Benedicto "Bencab" Cabrera
  3. Jose Arevalo De Guzman
  4. Fil De la Cruz
  5. Al Marique
  6. Nemi Miranda
  7. Jonathan Olazo

Philippine Association of Printmakers (PAP)

  1. Raul Isidro
  2. Benedicto "Bencab" Cabrera
  3. Virgilio "Pandy" Aviado
  4. Jess Flores
  5. Manuel Rodriguez, Sr.
  6. Arturo Luz
  7. J. Elizalde Navarro
  8. Romulo Olazo
  9. Fil dela Cruz
  10. Mauro Malang

Mr. and Mrs. Ayi Magpayo

  1. Jonathan Olazo

Collateral Activity

Express yourself with the art of printmaking in a fun, three-hour hands-on workshop. Learn the basics of printmaking and discover the artist in you.

Basic Printmaking
Ms. Ambie Abaño

March 10, 2007
Saturday, 8:00 – 12:00 nn
The Museum – Main Gallery