More than Words:
Fusion of Literary and Visual Arts
June 22 – August 12, 2011

More than Words: Fusion of Literary and Visual Arts, is The Museum's exhibition for De La Salle University's Centennial celebration. It is an exhibition featuring the masterpieces of National Artists and other prominent Filipino artists, from the Wili and Doreen Fernandez and the University art collections.

The exhibition also highlights the relationship between the image in the visual arts and poems that use the technique of ekphrasis. Thus, it also features poems
of some faculty members of the University who have been inspired by particular works in the art collections.

The exhibition brings exciting questions to viewers. The viewers may wonder if a poem is simply an objective verbal description of the work of art or if
the poet makes conclusions about the probable story in the artwork.

For whatever the viewer's reaction towards the fusion of the two art forms, one thing is certain, that literary and visual arts have been wedded in the creative and critical mind. The poets and visual artists sometimes turn to one another for inspiration, and the dialogue becomes mutually beneficial.