Visual Perspective:
Art Explorations by Lasallian Educators
January – May 2012

unknown The DLSU Arts Congress (DLSU-AC) originated from the Advocacy of the College of Liberal Arts, way back in 2007, to observe the country's Arts Month with conferences, performances and craft demonstrations. The first DLSU-AC proved to be a success that the university decided to make the celebration an institutional observance. Hence, in 2008 the DLSU-AC became an activity of the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Learning (AVCREL). Starting with the 4th DLSU-AC the Office of the AVCREL decided to emphasize the vibrancy of art by organizing performances and an actual art exhibit. Thus, by working closely with the DLSU Cultural Affairs Office and The Museum at DLSU, the Office of the AVCREL put up the Afternoon of Performances and Lasallian Educators Visual Arts Exhibit as components of the DLSU-AC.

When the first Lasallian Educators Visual Arts Exhibit, entitled Modern Visual Arts: Explorations by Lasallian Educators, was organized, the university was also gearing for its centennial celebration as well as for the centennial celebration of the Lasallian presence in the country. Hence, it was decided to make such show open to all teachers, professors and staff of the seventeen educational institutions that constitute the De La Salle Philippines. For that exhibit however, only the Lasallian educators from this university and the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde were able to participate.

This second exhibit, entitled Visual Perspective: Art Explorations by Lasallian Educators was organized through the concerted efforts of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, The Museum at DLSU and the DLSU Parents of University Students Organization. The show maintained the original vision of the first Lasallian Educators Exhibit which is to provide a venue for these educators to showcase their works, and more importantly to offer an occasion to cultivate the artistic sensitivity and point of view of the One La Salle. This show is proud to manifest the participation of teachers, professors, and academic personnel from five institutional members of the De La Salle Philippines: namely, De La Salle Canlubang, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, De La Salle Lipa, De La Salle Santiago Zobel, and De La Salle University. From these five educational institutions came our fourteen participating artists.

Vicky Faye Aquino, a bachelor in psychology and business management, is the records assistant at the Risk Management, Compliance and Audit Office, De La Salle University. She entered the world of art through a box of pastels her mother gave her as a child. She nurtured her art through summer workshops and drawing contests. Vicky is a painter and a member of a Filipino performing group in Philadelphia. For her visual arts, she is an eclectic but prioritizes integration of Intuitive Abstraction and Illustrations, with a touch of pointillism, etching and cubism techniques. The success of her first solo exhibit at the Asian Arts Initiative Gallery in Philadelphia convinced her to continue her life as a part time artist.

Jose Alain Austria, a master of arts in history, is an assistant professor of the Social Sciences Area, School of Multidisciplinary Studies, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. He became an artist late in his life because of his personal need to confront the hidden aspects of his own self. Alain does painting, pen and ink illustrations, woodblock printing, and tattoo designing along the general framework of the Chinese, Filipino and Central American folk arts. He continues to pursue his art because of his belief that this is his Zen cultivation practice.

Thelma Llorico-Badon, a master of arts in learning and teaching, is a faculty member at the Design Foundation, School of Design and Arts, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. She traces her fascination for the arts from her father's love for music. In college, she took up fine arts and had a rich experience early in her career as a textile designer. Thelma does painting, drawing and sculpting within the general styles of Art Nouveau and Fauvism. She continues to be artistically creative because of the overflowing inspiration she enjoys at home from her husband and daughters who also are gifted artists.

Rogger Basco, a bachelor of science in industrial technology, is the arts coordinator of the Cultural Office, De La Salle Lipa. He was drawn to a career in the arts by his frequent visits to the Cultural Center of the Philippines during his student days at De La Salle University. Rogger Basco does painting, mixed media sculpture, poetry writing, music arranging and composing, film making, and dance choreography. His visual arts are inspired by the abstract, experimental and conceptual styles. He remains an artist because art for him is going out of from his own self and touching the lives of his viewers.

Lalyn Buncab, is a master of education in art education and a bachelor of fine arts in advertising, is the curator of The Museum at De La Salle University. She looks back to her parents' encouragement and support as the reason of her love for the arts. She honed her artistic vision from her work at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila and from the various local and international conferences and seminars she attended on art management, art education, exhibition design, and production. Lalyn does painting and drawing. She expresses her visual arts within the aesthetic spheres of Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism and Surrealism. For her, art is a lifelong vocation because it is her way of expressing how and what she feels at specific moments in her life.

Ja Cabato, a bachelor of fine arts in art management and a candidate for a masters degree in museum studies, is the curator of Spark Museum, De La Salle Santiago Zobel School. She gravitated to the arts because of her mother's meticulous assistance in making her grade school artworks. Ja paints following the principles of Expressionism. Her own bucket list of artworks to create in her lifetime assures her of a truly creative future.

Feorillo Demeterio, a doctor of philosophy in Philippine studies, is an associate professor of the Filipino Department, College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University. He became an artist late in his life after he discovered his ability to draw during a science laboratory class in college. He does painting, sculpture and furniture making along the general styles of Gothic, Spanish Colonial, and Filipino Modernism. He practices his art in his spare time to infuse humanity into his otherwise grinding life of a professor and school administrator.

Patrick Fonte, a bachelor of fine arts in advertising, is a computer education instructor at De La Salle Canlubang. He was led into a career in the arts by the cartoon characters that he made as a child. Patrick does painting, acting, poetry writing, and children story writing. His visual arts reveal his fascination for Modernism and Pointillism. He practices his art for his personal creed that the divine gift of creativity comes with the obligation to share with others ones vision of beauty.

Leni Garcia, a doctor of philosophy in contemporary and eastern philosophy, is an associate professor at the Philosophy Department, College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University. She grew up an artist because she had always been fascinated with coloring materials, paper textures, making things with her hands, filling blank spaces, and making things beautiful. Leni does painting, drawing, creative journal making, poetry writing, parchment crafting, decoupage, origami, knitting, jewelry making, acting and dancing. Her visual arts are inspired by Expressionism and Surrealism. She insists on finding time for art because creativity is her salvation from the feeling of drowning, gasping for air, falling, and bellowing out her primal scream.

Nikki Gonzales, a bachelor in multimedia arts, is a freelance multimedia artist, art and apparel boutique owner, and lecturer at the Multimedia Arts Program, School of Design and Arts, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. She traces her passion for visual arts to the inspiration she had from her mother's career as an architect. Nikki does mixed media and digital art following the principles of abstract art and Maximalism. She derives conviction to keep on producing art works whenever she sees her viewers becoming intrigued and moved by the emotions expressed by her works.

Karen Pantaleon, a master of philosophy and a candidate for a doctors degree in philosophy, is a lecturer at the Philosophy Department, College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University. She became an artist due to her college friends' insistence that she join them in the UP Painters Club. Karen paints under the inspiration of Realism, Cubism and Surrealism. She believes that she has to be an artist because her artworks are part of what she is.

Darwin Peña, a master of science in management technology, is the athletic supervisor and head coach of the college basketball men's team, De La Salle Lipa. He considers himself an athlete and a part time artist. Darwin does painting, drawing, mixed media art and poetry writing. His visual arts show his fascination for the Abstract style. Artistic creation for him is an inner dialogue and a process of reminding the soul that it needs to satisfy some primeval hunger.

Glorife Samodio, a master of science in marketing, is the Director of the Culture and Arts Office, De La Salle University. As a young child she was already exposed to the art of playing musical instruments. Her passion for visual arts was cultivated by her practical arts teacher in high school who honed her raw artistic talent in painting and drawing realistic figures. Glorife, fondly called "Jill" by her colleagues and students, does painting, costume design, crafting, and some literary writing. Her paintings are inspired by the Abstract forms of H.R. Ocampo and the Surrealism of Frida Kahlo. She used to paint for its psychological soothing effect, but these days she paints to offer homage to the beauty of God's creation.

David San Juan, a master of arts in Teaching Filipino, is an instructor at the Filipino Department, College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University. David became an artist because of the inspiration he had from his father's love for photography and painting, and because of his own realization that art is an excellent medium for expressing his transformational ideas as a political activist. He does painting and poetry, and his visual arts build on the traditions of Mexican Muralism and the political graffiti art of Latin America. He opted to remain an artist due to his belief that art wields the power of both describing and changing the world.